What Makes Us Different

Personal Relationships

At VML we have true one-to-one relationships with our Clients. You are assigned a relationship manager for day-to-day coverage and a supervisor who you will know by name. They work your account like it was their own and are invested in the success.

Account Communication

Through our Customer Care Portal you will be kept abreast of the status of your accounts. Additionally, reports are provided via e-mail plus your assigned collector and/or supervisor is available to discuss and strategize accounts. Have specific reporting requirements? Let’s talk and let us walk you through a tour of a typical account by calling Deb Brothers at 800-253-4646 or e-mailing us to set up a gotomeeting tour from the comfort of your desk.

“I initially chose VML based on their being local, vested in the community and the fact we value the same work ethic. It soon became clear my instincts were correct by witnessing their depth of experience, consistency and exceptional results.”

Judi Gates, The Kendall Group

A Process that Delivers

Over the last 49 years, we have found what works and what doesn’t (and what is evolving). Thus we have established the VML Collection Steps™ program that yields the best conversion. Click here to see the outline and call us at the number above to deep dive into the proven process.


A Process that Matches Yours

Many times clients will have collection processes of their own that dovetail into their specific financial system. We alter our process or adapt the client’s and have a record of proof that we work seamlessly in these situations and can vary the number of contacts/letters, milestone activities, and termination based upon your corporate requirements.