How we educate your staff

Whether you have a veteran staff or are just in the process of forming an in-house receivables department, we believe we can add value. In over 40 years of working with internal departments in a variety of situations, we’ve seen and been through a lot and we bring those experiences to bear on your needs.

A few of the ways we work with internal departments includes:

  • Best practices Sharing – From department structuring to how you view your receivables, we will share with you what we have seen in the marketplace.

  • Receivables Rules – There are irrefutable rules about the value of a receivable and we help clients establish realistic expectations and standard operating procedures to maximize their portfolio.

  • Procedures Review – Often clients ask us to review their day-to-day work practices. By simply reviewing how a client is handling standard processes and procedures, we can often change a few things that add tremendous efficiencies and better receivable recovery.

  • Educational Seminars – Whether in person or via webinar, we can help to establish a Common Knowledge Plane for all your employees to bring the standard of understanding and execution across the board.

  • Our process or yours? – We have a tried and true process called the VML Collections process™ that we can implement immediately or alter to fit your established process.

Which combination of these best fits your needs?

Please feel free to contact us at 800-253-4646 and ask for Deb Brothers to discuss the application of our services with your company. If you would prefer, send us an e-mail and share with us some background information to make our time together as meaningful as possible.