VML Services

  • Immediate Collection – When you place an account with VML, collection action begins immediately. A collector is assigned to work all accounts you place with us within hours and reports details of developments on all claims placed constantly. Our unique VML Collections Process™ and our online Customer Care Portal both assure professionalism and results.
  • Local Attorney Involvement – Uncooperative debtor accounts can be referred, with your approval, to VML’s Legal Department and our preferred attorney network. An attorney near your debtor will make demand for payment and provide a recommendation with suit being the final step in the collection process. VML works hard to make sure an investment in suit will be productive and not simply throwing good money after bad. Our local collection attorney relationships are maintained through our certification by the Commercial Law League of America.
  • Final Demand Service – We can send a Final Demand notice to your customer establishing a deadline for payment, which can often be effective in prompting payment. There is a minimal charge if the account is paid on or before the deadline. We will contact you on the deadline date for authorization to proceed with collection.

  • Pre-Collection Letters – A prompt to submit payment that often works are dunning letters. A series of letters on our letterhead are sent demanding payment or a satisfactory response. Cost is determined by the number of letters sent per month.
  • Accounts Receivable Management – “We’re on your team, but not on your payroll.” We will make collection calls in your company name according to processes that match your corporate standards. You pay a monthly charge determined by the number of accounts worked each month.
  • Experian Credit Reports Analysis – Selecting from two different reports on SmartBusinessReportsTM, and utilizing our industry membership, we will pull each report designed to help you evaluate potential credit risk and aid in collection strategy. As important as the report, we add our analysis and help you “read the tea leaves” in the information to guide you toward the best course(s) of action. If you prefer to obtain your own Experian report, simply click here.
  • Credit Inquiry – A free service for our clients in which we search our proprietary debtor database to determine current or previous experience.
  • Educational Services – We can assist companies with the evaluation and review of their credit and collection procedures and, based on our experience with “Best of Breed” departments, make suggestions that help your structure, process, and personnel to be the best possible (see also “How We Educate Your Staff”).